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Parents know when their child needs support... A comprehensive evaluation can help!

Academic Challenges:

  • not able to break words into syllables
  • not recalling names of letters or sounds
  • not decoding words
  • reading slowly with great effort
  • difficulty understanding what is read
  • spelling words incorrectly
  • mistakes with number additions, substitutions, transpositions, omissions,  reversals
  • difficulty with abstract concepts of time and direction

Behavior/Emotional Challenges:

  • difficulty socializing appropriately with peers or adults
  • difficulty following directions
  • difficulty staying seated and impulsivity
  • irritability and temper tantrums
  • difficulty staying on task and distractibility
  • difficulty regulating emotions
  • excessive worry 
  • sadness and isolation

Children may require targeted services to improve learning and behavior

A comprehensive evaluation can provide specific information about your child's needs when...
  • your child has received appropriately matched instruction in the regular classroom but they still struggle to learn.
  • your child's teacher uses positive behavior support but they still struggle with behavior issues such as distractibility, impulse control, and difficulty with appropriate socialization.
  • your child exhibits sadness, excessive worry, and behaviors such as isolation, avoidance, or irritability.
  • your family has difficulty managing your child's learning, behavioral, and emotional issues and you need help to develop the interventions that will make your child successful.


Comprehensive Evaluations

Dr. Monica Oganes

Our comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations or neuropsychological evaluations can find the root of any learning, behavioral, and emotional problems to help your child get the targeted interventions needed for success.

Dr. Monica Oganes works with a team of school psychologists and neuropsychologists to help your child reach their potential.

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We will assess...


We will administer a test of intelligence to evaluate your child's cognitive ability.

When evaluating English learners, we will administer a language dominance test to identify whether your child can be evaluated in English or needs to be evaluated in their native language to ensure that results are valid.


We will administer tests of language, attention, memory, spatial functioning, executive functions, processing speed, and motor functioning as needed.

We will find your child's strengths and weaknesses to determine their impact on academic and behavioral functioning.


We will administer academic tests on all areas of of reading, math, and writing. 

Testing is comprehensive. For instance, for reading we may evaluate phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension. 

Our assessments get to the root of the problem so we can develop interventions for targeted, explicit instructional support.


Our comprehensive assessments include clinical observations and patterns of behavioral and emotional functioning.

We will review your child's records and background history.

We will send rating scales to parents and teachers to obtain information about observed behavior in the school and home environments.

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Help your child succeed

Children need to do well academically, behaviorally, and emotionally in order to succeed in life.

It is important to assess your child's progress and identify any skill deficits that interfere with their functioning.

Children may have difficulties that require medical intervention, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or other services.

Our comprehensive assessments can get to the root of the problem and identify deficits so that the most appropriate interventions can be implemented to help them succeed.

Our thorough reports include findings and specific information needed for academic, behavioral, and emotional support.

Your child can get the best opportunities for success!

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Identifying my daughter's dyslexia and attention deficit through a comprehensive assessment with Dr. Oganes allowed me get the help needed for her at school. The report was amazing, very thorough, and I could not be happier. I highly recommend her services!

~Rossana V.

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My son was struggling because he could not understand English well. His teacher tried to help, but he had trouble learning. With Dr. Oganes' comprehensive evaluation, we have put things in place at school so he can get the accommodations and instruction needed for his success. Thank you!

~Sean W.

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About Dr. Monica Oganes

With degrees in school psychology and clinical neuropsychology, and experience working in the schools, hospitals, and private practice settings, Dr. Oganes is uniquely qualified to assess school children in English and Spanish.

Dr. Oganes provides international presentations on assessment and instruction of multilingual learners to educators and clinicians. With a group of colleagues, Dr. Oganes leads one of the largest groups of school psychologists interested in working with multilingual learners.

Dr. Oganes has authored book chapters related to school neuropsychology, immigration, the autism spectrum, and other topics. She frequently appears on international TV and radio programs to talk about children's mental health.

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