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Immigration Evaluations

Dr. Monica Oganes

 Dr. Monica Oganes works with a team of school psychologists and neuropsychologists to provide immigration evaluations in support of your application for immigration relief. 

For over a decade, we have helped hundreds of individuals applying for residence in the United States. We provide ethical, compassionate services to children, youth, and adults.

We are approved to testify in Immigration Court if requested.

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Telehealth services are available throughout Florida.

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What we assess...


We evaluate individuals who may suffer extreme hardship if their family member were deported. 

We will conduct an investigative clinical interview about your life to identify stressors and vulnerability factors that may result in extreme hardship.

We evaluate aspects of your life since childhood including family background, education, finances, housing, health, social life, faith, employment, current functioning, and other relevant information. 

We will provide a thorough report that includes our findings and recommendations, which you can provide to USCIS or the Immigration Court.


We work with individuals who are applying for asylum in the United States.

We will conduct an investigative clinical interview about your life prior, during, and after the events and persecution in your home country, and the experiences that led to your symptoms and the decision to leave.

We will review any information you may have about what occurred in your home country that led to your decision to leave. 

We will provide a thorough report with our findings and recommendations for intervention, and to help the United States Immigration Court make decisions about your application.



We work with victims of domestic abuse who are seeking lawful immigration status through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

We also work with victims of certain crimes who are applying to U-Visas for having suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity.

We will conduct an investigative clinical interview about your life prior to the crime and the symptoms that resulted from victimization.  

A report of evaluation with our findings and recommendations for treatment is provided.


We work with individuals requesting an exception to the English and civics testing requirements for naturalization. 

We conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine whether the applicant may have a developmental disability or mental impairment that makes the person unable to learn to read, write, or speak English, or to learn U.S. history. 

Evaluations are comprehensive and may include tests of intelligence, cognitive functions such as memory, attention, executive functions, academic tests, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

We will fill out an N-648 form if the applicant meets criteria for disability.

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We are so grateful for Dr. Oganes and recommend her 100%. She is very professional, loves her work, is a good listener, and has the patience needed for these cases. Thank you for helping us.

~V. Family

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Talking about challenges in life is not easy, but Dr. Oganes was so helpful. Her staff is kind and I am glad I worked with her office. My attorney was pleased with the thorough report we were provided!

~Claire S.

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About Dr. Monica Oganes

With degrees in school psychology and clinical neuropsychology, and experience working in the schools, hospitals, and private practice settings, Dr. Oganes is uniquely qualified to work with culturally diverse individuals in English, Spanish, and other languages with interpreters.

Dr. Oganes provides international presentations on assessment of multilingual learners and immigration assessments. She works with a group of school psychologists and neuropsychologists in her practice to provide services to children, youth, and adults.

Dr. Oganes has authored book chapters related to immigration, school neuropsychology, the autism spectrum, and other topics. She frequently appears on international TV and radio programs to talk about mental health issues related to the immigrant population and other issues that affect culturally diverse individuals.

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